Trance and Energy Healing for Animals, Part II: Arya – trauma from a killing center

Symbolic Picture

It was a sad story that Anett told me about her dog Arya: Arya was born in a Spanish killing center after her mother was found pregnant on the street. Judging by her tall, slender body shape, Arya originally came from a line of racing dogs and was not fulfilling her physical potential as she was extremely anxious about walks and dog school. She also seemed to have developed a fear of men in particular. When guests entered the house, she barked nervously and hardly allowed anyone to approach her.

I offered to conduct a remote healing session for Arya. On the first of December I sat down in my chair and went into a trance to contact her energy body. The beginning was difficult. Arya’s experiences and the resulting worldview sat so deep that she was initially not open to the idea of being able to let it all go or transform it. It was a feeling of “There is so much pain and evil in the world, what can you do about it…” – a perspective that was not unfamiliar to me from my own past. Intuitively I perceived that Arya had experienced the fear and terror of the other dogs in the station and had stored these experiences in her own emotional body. She had been conditioned to feel great fear of people and therefore had a very bleak attitude towards life.

My spirit guide carried out the main part of the healing treatment (which is also the rule in trance healing), as my perception of the energy body was not yet that detailed. It was a real “aura surgery” that I had never experienced before in Trance Healing. In the area of Arya’s physical heart, something was very firmly lodged in her energy body, which he slowly pulled out. He also cleared out the spinal canal with stroking movements. Meanwhile, I focused on channeling loving energy to Arya and she opened up more and more to it. In the end, she seemed receptive to positive images and the prospect of a brighter future. I felt like she was a step further in untying her emotions from her traumatic experiences.

Of course, I asked Anett to keep me informed about any changes in Arya and offered to hold further sessions. To this day, Anett reports that Arya’s behavior is constantly changing, her anxiety is slowly decreasing and her joy of living is returning. She feels that Arya is still integrating this first treatment, so we have not yet done a second session.

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