Quantum Connect

What is Quantum Connect / Waking Hypnosis?

Like BQH hypnosis, Quantum Connect comes from the USA and was developed by Candace Craw-Goldman. QC is a type of Waking Hypnosis, a consciousness exploration that doesn’t require a trance state. Quantum Connect is therefore particularly suitable for clients who have little or no experience with meditation, hypnosis or other altered states of consciousness.

I have also achieved very good results using this approach with people without any prior spiritual experience. As in hypnosis, healing can occur through the energetic processes that are triggered by this consciousness work. In addition, you will gain a new perspective on interpersonal relationships and emotional dynamics in your life. Therefore, this method is an excellent tool for clearing and healing in the following areas:

• Relationship problems

• Family conflicts

• Emotional and mental blocks

• Decision problems

• Conflict and stressful situations

Quantum Connect is also a wonderful way to take the first steps towards:

• Contacting your own spiritual guidance

• Deciphering recurring symbolism in your own life

• Finding a higher-level perspective, detached from stressful emotions

How does Quantum Connect work?

In a preliminary discussion, I will write down your questions and important information about your situation. The actual session then begins with some preliminary mental exercises to familiarize you with the process of making associations. These preliminary exercises can also provide valuable information. The main part of the session that follows is similar to the journey of consciousness in a BQH session, but is much shorter and takes place while you are fully awake. I will ask you to go to several “imaginary” places in your mind where you interact with the environment and the characters in a way that sheds light on your unconscious. To this end, I will constantly ask you questions and follow-up questions, to which you will answer as spontaneously as possible in order to bypass the critical mind.

Many clients find this form of consciousness exploration very pleasant and even humorous, even if they come to the session with burdening concerns. Even in a relatively short period of time, a surprising number of insights and emotional healing processes occur.

How do I prepare for the session as a client?

Formulate your questions and intention for the session. Ensure you have a stable internet connection with video streaming for the Zoom session and a quiet environment without distractions. As with all healing sessions, an inner attitude of openness and trust is beneficial. If it suits your faith, send your request for support to the universe or spirit world before the session.

A session lasts approx. 60 minutes, including a preliminary and follow-up discussion.

I charge €100 for a session. Payment by bank transfer or PayPal.

Contact for questions and bookings.

I had a Quantum Connect session with Teresa Zaunig and it was an incredibly profound and transformative experience. She guided me through a gentle meditation that helped me connect deeply with my own energy and the universal energy around me. As the session progressed, I felt a sense of clarity as if layers of stress and tension were melting away.

During the session, I gained insights into areas of my life that needed attention and healing. Teresa provided me with personalized guidance and messages that resonated deeply with my current life situation. I also experienced physical sensations of energy shifts and healing.

After the session, I felt more aligned and more connected to my higher purpose. The sense of calm and balance I experienced stayed with me long after the session ended.

Overall, the Quantum Connect session was a powerful experience that I would highly recommend to anyone seeking spiritual growth, healing, or a deeper connection with themselves and the universe. It has opened up new possibilities for my journey and has left me feeling more grounded and centered.

– Kasia, London

Teresa and I worked on my questions that I ask myself, but I can’t explain them to myself.
Using the waking hypnosis technique, she guided me through the subconscious part, which helped me to resolve all questions. I met the technique for the first time and it really positively surprised me.

In this hypnosis you are awake with your eyes open, but it is very intense. Teresa knows how to lead nicely through the process itself, so that you feel safe and guided.

Thank you for this great experience! I recommend!

– Tanja Pogačnik Fartek

Some time ago I had the opportunity to experience an intensive hypnosis session with Teresa in Finsterwalde. Since big changes are coming up, I wanted to connect with my future self in order to get into a good flow. The session was a profound and enriching experience for me. It helped me to gain clear insights into my future challenges and opportunities.

– Sabrina Kalz, Finsterwalde