Trance and Energy Healing for Animals, Part III: Lottie and the apartment fire

Symbolic Picture

Lottie is the dog of Oliver Tappe, a German trainer at the Monroe Institute, and his wife. I knew Oliver from his online courses on out-of-body experiences and was shocked to hear on his YouTube channel that his apartment in Los Angeles had burned down. He was in Germany, but his wife and his dog Lottie were there; Luckily they were not physically injured. In addition to trance healing sessions to combat the emotional shock for Oliver and his wife, I also offered sessions for Lottie.

The first healing session took place last November and I found it to be very intense. I could feel fear in Lottie’s heart area and that she had withdrawn into herself; and also that she had contracted her energy body. She seemed to be overwhelmed by the experiences that made her feel helpless and seemed to have developed a generalization of fear because she perceived the future as uncertain.

During the remote treatment I was able to see my late cat Theo, who had probably come to calm Lottie down a bit and to reassure her that she could trust me. Lottie increasingly opened up and relaxed during the treatment and appeared stronger and more stable at the end. I tried to tell her that she had now entered a new phase of her life and that she no longer had to be afraid.

Just two days later, Oliver’s wife reported in an email that she was barking noticeably less and would sometimes lie down when she heard noises in the apartment or on the street. In an email from Oliver a month after the treatment, I learned that Lottie was like a new dog and much calmer.

In another remote session in January, Lottie informed me that she no longer wanted or needed treatment. However, she asked me to pass on some information to Oliver. He confirmed that he had also received similar advice from Lottie via an animal communicator.

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