BQH Hypnosis

What is BQH?

This form of hypnosis goes back to regression therapy which resolves trauma from childhood. Hypnotherapist Dolores Cannon developed Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) when she discovered in the 1960s that some of her clients were being transported not only to childhood, but beyond to prenatal states and past lives.

Starting in 2014, her student Candace Craw-Goldman expanded the method by supplementing it with other modalities such as energy healing and expanding the range of applications to include consciousness exploration and expansion. In addition, this form of hypnosis also allows online sessions, which are not available in the classic QHHT.

BQH includes, among others, the following possible applications:

• Regression into childhood and past lives

• Exploration of other levels of consciousness (astral plane, dream memory, higher consciousness/“higher self”)

• Communication with soul guides, spirit helpers and soul family

• Communication with the deceased, with animals and with parts of the consciousness of living people

• Exploring psychological causes and connections between illnesses and challenges in current life

• Healing on an energetic level for physical, mental and emotional issues

How does BQH hypnosis work?

The session takes place online via Zoom and begins with a preliminary discussion in which we explain your concerns and questions and I get a comprehensive picture of the situation.

I will then guide you into an expanded state of consciousness through relaxation exercises and an hypnosis induction. Depending on the goal of the session, we can, among other things: address specific points in your past, ask your spiritual team for answers to your questions, visit a spiritual healing place or look at your life situation from a higher perspective.

During this journey of consciousness, I will accompany and guide you step by step and add your questions from the preliminary conversation at the appropriate points. The entire session, including the preliminary and follow-up discussion, takes three to five hours. Please also plan enough rest time after the session to allow the experiences to have an impact.

How do I prepare as a client for the BQH session?

If you decide to have a hypnosis session, you probably already have at least one burning question or health concern. Since BQH offers us a wealth of possibilities, we can look at several of your topics. Depending on their complexity, we will be able to answer 5 to 10 of your most important questions during the session. Naturally, bigger questions require more time and attention. It may also happen that your spiritual companions want to draw your attention to a topic that you were not yet aware of.

To make sure that we don’t forgot any questions, make a list that you send to me by Email after receiving your booking confirmation. Alternatively read them out in the preliminary discussion and I will write them down. This is also a very good exercise to reflect on your concerns and come to your own initial insights.

Technical requirements for the session that you should check in advance are:

• stable internet access

• working camera and microphone on your computer, laptop or tablet, or headset; at a pinch, a mobile phone can also be used

• charged batteries or mains operation

• enough space in your email inbox if you would like to receive a video or audio recording of the session

What else is important?

• a quiet environment for the duration of the meeting

• minimizing disruptive factors: turn off doorbell, telephone, etc.; close the windows

• adjusting room temperature and lighting conditions to suit the session (body temperature may drop slightly during hypnosis as somatic functions are reduced)

• if necessary: accommodate pets in other rooms

• an inner attitude of openness and trust in your own consciousness and your spiritual companions

A session lasts three to five hours, including a preliminary and follow-up discussion.

I charge €330 for a session. Payment by bank transfer or PayPal.

Contact for questions and bookings


Hi Teresa, here’s my review for our session:

I had a beautiful and transformative BQH session with Teresa. It held a lot of healing for me. I saw 2 past lives, both of which, I’d seen before in previous sessions but this time I saw different parts of those lives, got different insights and received even more healing. I saw the origins of certain unhealthy patterns in my present life, and I’m grateful to have been able to observe and heal it. I found Teresa to be calm and patient. She gently asked my higher self all my questions, asked even more follow up questions. The entire session was very smooth and peaceful, and at the end after bringing me back, we discussed my experience and all the answers my higher self provided. If you’re thinking about a session with Teresa. Just do it, it will be so powerful and healing.

– Savio, Canada

Dear Teresa, subsequently the BQH review. Thank you for you ♥️

My BQH sessions with Teresa were simply wonderful and very enriching. Weeks have passed since the last session and I still keep thinking about some scenes from the trance journey. Not only have you given me understanding and healing, but you continue to give me strength. Because of Teresa’s nonjudgmental, open heart, I was able to open up to her easily and happily. That alone is balm for the soul. Thank you dear Teresa!

– Victoria Plank, Austria

This was my first time doing BQH. I wanted to see how it was different from doing QHHT sessions that I have done. It was very neat. Teresa was able to get me into a relaxed state and seeing beautiful healing scenes fairly quickly. She was very patient with the healing places I was observing and experiencing and she was able to guide me seamlessly. We went through to a few places and I was surprised to be able to go into future possible scenes as well. This was very fun and exciting to see so many guides along all these paths. I have not been able to see guides before and Teresa guided me so wonderfully through it all. I am so glad my first experience went so smoothly. She made it feel so easy. I enjoyed it so much I am looking at learning this modality as well as the other I already know. If you have been wanting a BQH session and want it done with a guide that makes you feel so at ease like talking to a calm friend then I highly recommend setting up a session with Teresa. It will amaze you in ways you would never think of.

– Clara, Texas