Trance and Energy Healing for Animals, Part I: Peter

Peter, May 2024

I’m sitting in my parents‘ garden on the first of May in windy but warm weather and I enjoy having the property to myself for two weeks. Of course not just for me, because the cats and chickens are still there, too. My mother’s cat is settling down next to my deckchair while I’m drinking my coffee. He is a large, silvery-gray animal named Peter, with healthy, thick fur. That was not always so.

Until two years ago, he repeatedly had phases in which he lost a lot of weight and got dull fur. Then he sometimes lay there feeling weak, no longer playing or frolicking around. I had already completed my first course with Sachin Karve, an Indian healer, and gained my first experiences among friends; so I thought: Why don’t I test it on Peter. He was lying on a chair in the garden and seemed to perceive my intention. He immediately relaxed and appeared to sink into a sleep or trance-like state. As I had learned in the course, I tried to go into a „zero point state“ internally – comparable to the trance state that I would later come to know in the English tradition. This healing session was very special. Not only was the quality of the healing energy that began to flow extremely unusual to my perception – almost metallic, if I was to describe it at all. I also received an abundance of inner images and impressions that I would only experience again later in Trance Healing. I recognized the reason for Peter’s lack of energy: he had lost the connection to his soul collective. This soul group or family could no longer support him because he had become a little lost in the density of his earthly life. I perceived his home as a rather barren, desert-like place that I would not have thought he liked. I don’t know where that is – another country, planet or physical density – but he seemed to be happy there. I also felt his uncertainty about his place in this life. As the energy flow subsided, I hoped that the connection to his collective was now restored. In the following weeks I tried to repeat the session a few more times, but he didn’t really want to allow it. Animals are very conscious when it comes to accepting or rejecting healing energy and show clearly when they do not want or need a session. At some point I noticed that Peter’s fur looked extremely thick. I also couldn’t remember him seeming as weak as before since the healing. I decided to keep observing him. But to date no further session has been necessary. Even when his companion, my own cat Theo, died, he didn’t seem to lose any of his vitality or joy. Today he is a self-confident, somewhat selfish cat and does what he wants – just as cats should.

Speaking of Theo: I will report on my exciting experiences with him in Part III.

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